Frequently Asked Questions

Employer Frequently Asked Questions

1. When I register as an employer what information do I need?

Your Business Registration Number and Business Email address are two keys pieces of information required. The Business Email address becomes your login/username.

Required Information: You will need to insert your Business Registration Number, Business Email Address, Company Address, Telephone Number (mobile/landline or both), Contact Name, Description of Business.

Optional information:  Postal Code

There is a help video available on the web site that outlines the information required to register. Here is the link:

2. What is a Business Registration Number?

This can be your CRO number (Company Registration Office number), your VAT number or in the case of a Sole Trader, your PPS number (Personal Public Service number).


If you use your CRO number, the system will recognise this, and will auto-populate some of the fields on the registration form. If incorrect company details appear, you should change the Business Type from ‘Limited’ to ‘Business’ (or vice versa). This should rectify the issue.


Registering using a CRO number will auto-validate your company details and allow you to proceed immediately.


Registering with any other number will place your company details in a queue for manual validation by the Customer Support team in the National Contact Centre. The National Contact Centre is the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection’s team of experts who deal with all queries related to

3. My business is not registered in Ireland; can I still use the site?

Yes. You will need to provide the Business Registration Number you trade under in your country. Your company profile may be added to our manual validation list with the JobsIreland Customer Support team in the National Contact Centre. The National Contact Centre is the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection’s team of experts who deal with all queries related to

4. When I insert my VAT Number in the Business Registration Number field, I get a prompt telling me “Sorry, this business number is not recognised by our system...” Does this mean I cannot register on your website?

You can still register by completing the registration form. This prompt appears if you register using any other Business number apart from a CRO number. Your company details will be manually validated by the Customer Support Team in the National Contact Centre. The National Contact Centre is the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection’s team of experts who deal with all queries related to

5. I have completed all mandatory fields but yet when I click on “Register” I get a message saying “Please check Mandatory fields” but nothing is highlighted. What am I doing wrong?

  This error occurs if you do not complete the field ‘Your Economic Activity 1’ to 3 levels of category. For example:

6. When I registered I received a prompt telling me I would receive an email to create a password for my account. I have not received my email yet, why is this?

Registering with any Business Registration Number other than a CRO number, will place your company in a queue for manual validation by the Customer Support team in the National Contact Centre. Once your company has been validated, you should receive your email. This usually takes up to one working day. If you do not receive this within one working day of registering, please contact the team on 1890 800 024 / +353 (0)1 248 1398 or email

7. I want to have multiple users on my account, is this possible?

Yes, once you are registered, you can then add as many users as you require and they will each have their own individual login details.

8. If the main user has left the company, can I delete this record?

Please contact the Customer Support Team in the National Contact Centre who can amend this for you. The contact details are by telephone: 1890 800 024 / +353 (0)1 248 1398 or email

9. On the top right of my dashboard, a colleague’s name who is no longer with our company is being displayed. How do I change this?

You may remove users from your hiring team using the delete option. Alternatively, contact the Customer Support Team in the National Contact Centre who can amend this for you. The contact details are, by telephone: 1890 800 024 / +353 (0)1 248 1398 or email

10. I wish to re-advertise a vacancy I had advertised a few months ago, can I do this?

Yes. There is a ‘copy’ feature within the vacancies screen that you may use to copy a previously advertised vacancy. When you ‘copy’, the vacancy opens in edit mode so you can update the details as necessary and then publish. Each copied vacancy is assigned a new vacancy number.

11. What does Matched mean?

Registered users who appear in the Matched folder of your vacancy have registered profiles on that meet the requirements you set when creating the vacancy.

12. Can I view CV's of Jobseekers?

When you publish a vacancy you will be able to review profiles of registered users who matched your requirements. Users may also upload a separate CV which you can access through their profile.


You will be able to communicate with registered Users who apply for your vacancies directly through the site.


However, if a user opts to hide their contact details they will appear as “Anonymous” when you view their profile. Their personal details (name, address, telephone, email address) will not be displayed, nor will an uploaded CV.

13. Does the system contact candidates who have been automatically matched to my vacancy or do I need to contact them directly?

When users login to their profile they will see all the vacancies they are matched to – it will be their decision whether to apply. You can communicate through with registered jobseekers who apply to your vacancies.

14. One of the jobseekers matched to my job vacancy has an “Anonymous” profile. How can I contact this person?

If a registered Jobseeker chooses to not display their contact details it is not possible to contact them directly. However, registered jobseekers can see that they have been matched to your vacancy and if they choose to apply you will then be able to communicate with them through


If an “anonymous” user applies to your vacancy you may communicate with them through the messaging; if they choose to reply, their name will then be displayed to you. They may also attach a CV to their reply if you request they do so.

15. How do I apply for the Youth Employment Support Scheme (YESS) and where can I do this?

You can check your employer eligibility to particpate on this programme by visiting or email

If you are eligible as an employer then you can login (if registered) on Select the YESS vacancy option and upload the vacancy and accept the terms and conditions for this programme.

If you need further assistance please  contact the Customer Support Team  National Contact Centre on 1890 800 024 / +353 (0)1 248 1398 or email

16. When creating a vacancy on the system, I am having difficulty identifying the correct ‘Job Category’ for the position I want to advertise. How do I find the correct category for my vacancy?

Job Category options (job titles) are pulled from the European Skills/Competencies, qualifications and Occupations (ESCO). Please start typing the job category (e.g. Chef or Labourer) and you will be presented with a list of options from which to choose and click the OK button. There are more than 4000 categories available.

17. I cannot find an option on the vacancy form to say I only want to receive CVs by email, telephone or by post where do I find this?

Scroll down to the bottom of the first page of the Vacancy Form, if you untick the box “Do you want the candidate to be able to apply to this Job via this JobsIreland Portal?” you will then be presented with alternative options  i.e Telephone, Email, Post. You can insert your telephone, email address and postal address for CV into these fields.

By leaving this box ticked means that jobseekers who have registered on must apply through the site and you will need to login to your account to view these Applications.

18. I have completed all the mandatory requirements on the Jobseeker Requirements page but when I click on “Continue” I get a prompt saying: “You must save a value for all of the Mandatory Requirements”. Why am I unable to proceed?

As you save each requirement, it turns green in colour to indicate that your changes have been saved.


On the left hand side of this page, there are four mandatory requirements and you must set options in each:

  • Experience Required (i.e. the number of years of experience required in this job category) - Click Save
  • Minimum Qualification Required (i.e. the minimum level of qualification required to apply) - Click Save
  • Additional Skills Criteria & Specialising in Criteria (e.g. Safepass, HACCP, Java, HTML) - Click Save
  • Ability Skills Criteria & Competency Skills Criteria (You must choose a minimum of two ability skills (on the left handside of the box) and two competency skills (on the right handside of the box, to save) - Click SAVE 

19. I have the same vacancy to advertise in a number of locations. Is there a facility to COPY once I have inserted the first one?

Yes. There is a ‘copy’ feature within the vacancies screen that you may use to copy a previously advertised vacancy, or to replicate a current vacancy in several locations. When you ‘copy’, the vacancy opens in edit mode so you can update the details as necessary and then publish. Each copied vacancy is assigned a new vacancy number.

20. I have received no applications for my vacancy. I previously received a lot of applications for the same type of role. Why is this?

Registered Users voluntarily apply for vacancies and our database of jobseekers continues to grow. We are actively encouraging jobseekers to register and complete their profiles on There are a number of items that you might consider to improve the prospects of filling the position:

  • Review the advertisement and consider editing the vacancy details to attract more applications.
  • You may insert the Application Arrangements in the job description field i.e  'Please Email CV' or 'Please telephone xxxxxxxx'  or 'Please Post CV to: xxxxxxx' - so that jobseekers will be able to see the Application Arrangements straight away
  • Review the profiles of currently matched registered users & consider whether to revise your requirements.
  • Contact our customer support team in the National Contact Centre on 1890 800 024 / +353 (0)1 248 1398 or email They will be happy to help you – they can also direct you to your local Intreo employer engagement teams who can assist with recruitment.

21. When candidates click on “Apply for this job” they are brought to the MYGOVID website. Why is this?

This is a secure registration, verification, and login facility for candidates. They must go through this site for security reasons and are then brought to the website.

22. I want my vacancy to be advertised on EURES, how do I do this?

EURES displays all current jobs in Ireland listed via which is the dedicated Irish public employment service website provided by the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection. Therefore all you need to do is advertise your vacancy on the website and this will display on the EURES site for free also.

Please contact the Customer Support team on 1890 800 024 / +353 (0)1 248 1398 or email and they will be happy to assist you.

Alternatively you can also contact the EURES Ireland team at for futher information on EURES

23. I have advertised a Community Employment Scheme vacancy, who do I need to contact for a list of the eligible participants?

All Community Employment (CE) Vacancies that are advertised on are given a unique job reference number that you will need in order to request the relevant list. The list is provided by your local dedicated Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection Intreo Case Officer and or Community Employment Support Team.

In order to contact your local Intreo office please visit and click on office locator for full details.

In order to advertise your CE vacancy please contact or visit 

24. How do I close my vacancy?

If you uploaded your vacancy directly online, you can login, select ‘vacancies’ from your dashboard and select ‘close’ the vacancy through your account.

If you emailed or phoned in the vacancy instead, please contact the Customer Support Team on 1890 800 024 / +353 (0)1 248 1398 or email and advise that you wish to close the vacancy.


If you choose to use the recruitment tool matching system that can screen and shortlist applicants; please consider closing out the process for these applicants  too by moving any unsuccessful applicants to the “Declined” folder. You may also choose to send a system message to all applicants that applied for your particular vacancy through the site.

Jobseeker Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to register on but I’m redirected to MyGoviD – why?

MyGovID is an online identity service that enables the access of online services in a safe and secure environment.

Read more here:


You can also review the Frequently Asked Questions here:

2. I am having difficulty completing my registration / logging on to MyGovID. What should I do?

Please email with the details of the difficulty you are experiencing. You may also telephone 1890 927 999.

3. How do I complete a profile?

When you complete the first stage of registration via MyGovID you will be redirected to the JobsIreland candidate web form. This web form contains fields to be completed that are related to your skills & experience and will become your profile.


Your profile is what employers will view when you are matched to their requirements and when you apply for vacancies. The profile must be completed to 100% before you can view and apply for vacancies.


You may save your profile as a draft at any time; you may also revise and update it as often as you wish.


You may also upload a Curriculum Vitae (CV) for employers’ perusal but your profile is what employers see first when you apply for vacancies.


Video help is available here:

4. I am having difficulty completing my profile on What should I do?

Please ensure you are using a PC or laptop with Windows 7 or higher to complete your profile. Please check that you have completed all sections marked with an asterix (*) of the profile – your profile must reach 100% to be considered complete.

  • Personal Details
  • Work History: 
    • Personal Statement/Summary this is a key piece of your profile as it is displayed to employers whose vacancies you have been matched to and/or applied to. It may therefore influence their decision to review your profile. Please take time & care in completing this section.
    • Work History – if you have no work history, you may want to record volunteer activities in this area and identify such experience as “Voluntary”. However, if you have no work or voluntary experience you may still complete the profile by completing other sections.
  • Qualifications
  • Addtional & Other Skills: 
    • Additional Skills (e.g. Safepass, HACCP, Manual Handling)
    • Driving Licences & Languages
    • Abilities & Competency
    • Match to relevant Jobs

If you are in receipt of a social welfare payment, please ensure that you complete this section fully as it may impact your eligibility for supports.

For security reasons, the system times out after 30 mins. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer v10 or later, Chrome, Firefox.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact the National Contact Centre on 1890 800 024 / +353 (0)1 248 1398 or email for assistance.

5. What does “Do not display my contact details” mean?

If you select this option, employers will not see your name or contact details but may still view your profile. A disadvantage to this is that employers may overlook your profile if they cannot easily communicate with you - candidates who display their details can be contacted through JobsIreland directly.


Furthermore, if you upload a CV and have hidden your contact details, the CV cannot be seen by employers.


If you apply to a vacancy through JobsIreland and an employer sends you a message, when you reply to that message your name becomes visible to employers.


6. How do I apply for vacancies on ?

Your profile must be at 100% before you can search for and apply to vacancies on the website. You will then be able to click on the Vacancies option, and use the filters to review positions of interest.

Click “Apply Now” to view the details of any vacancy of interest and follow the instruction(s) regarding the application method required by the employer.

7. How do I apply for a Community Employment Scheme?

Community Employment is an employment programme which helps long-term unemployed people to re-enter the active workforce by breaking the experience of unemployment through a return to work routine. The programme assists participants to enhance & develop both technical and personal skills which can then be used in the workplace.


To apply for a Community Employment Scheme, you need to take note of the CES vacancy number from the advert and go to your local DEASP Employment/Intreo Office. The DEASP officer will check your eligibility before placing your name on a submissions list. This will be passed on to the CE Supervisor who should contact you in due course.


The criteria for participating on the Community Employment programme are based on age and length of time in receipt of various welfare payments. Eligibility to participate on CE is generally linked to those who are 21 years or over and applicants must also be in receipt of a qualifying Irish social welfare payment for 1 year or more.


8. What is the Matched folder?

This folder contains the links to vacancies against which your profile has been matched. This means that the employer has set certain requirements on the vacancy that appear to match those set by you on your profile.


When you match a vacancy the employer can see your Summary (set in Work History section of profile) and can link to your profile and consider your suitability.


When you apply to a vacancy against which you have been matched, employers can contact you directly through The same applies to vacancies against which you are not matched but have applied.


The ‘Matched’ folder is updated nightly.


9. How do I keep track of vacancies I have applied for?

When you login, select Vacancies, Applied Vacancies.

10. What is the Closed folder?

This folder contains the links to vacancies against which you were matched and/or have applied but are now closed for applications.

11. I have applied to vacancies but have had no offers, what next?

Employers may or may not communicate with candidates during a recruitment drive and it is beyond the remit of JobsIreland to oblige them to contact all applicants.


Some points to consider:


Did you apply for vacancies against which your profile was matched?


Check that there are no typing errors on your profile.


Check the Summary you entered in the Work History section – does it sell your skills and abilities sufficiently?


Review the Matched/Closed folders and check whether or not you met all of the employer’s requirements.


If you are in receipt of a DEASP payment, speak to your Case Officer who can suggest how to address skills gaps and/or training needs.


12. How can a Jobseeker remove themselves from matching?

When a Jobseeker logs in they land on the dashboard page.  You can choose to update your availability using the link on the right of the dashboard.  By entering an availability date in the future they are removed from automatic matching.

13. Cannot attach/Upload my CV or LinkedIn Profile

​If you try to attach or upload your CV or LinkedIn profile before your profile is fully complete; this may cause issues.

We recommend the first time you attempt to login and register, you just enter only that fields that contain an asterix (*). Do not even add work history of qualifications at this stage, only complete the fields that have an asterix (*).  You should submit your profile first and then you can login and add the rest of the information with less chance of issues.

When inserting the LinkedIn address onto a 100% profile make sure the link includes at the start   along with the rest of the LinkedIn profile in order for the link to save  e.g.

14. Error - Showing up in Red with no explanation

​This is usually caused by an error in the dates of either your Work History or Qualifications.  Even if you have worked in 2 jobs at the one time, the system cannot accept this so you will have to amend your dates. You need to ensure you have the dates in the correct order. Sometimes when you click to clear the error, the form jumps back to the question "Do you have entitlement to work in Ireland?" this is still the date issue in the Work History or Qualifications and nothing to do with this question.

15. My Profile is only 76% and I cannot get it to 100%

Sometimes this can be where a user has deleted the Qualification section. You need to click on Add a Qualification even if you have no qualification, and leave the box empty.  

16. My Profile is 100% but I cannot click on vacancies

Although it says on the left hand side that your profile is 100% if you cannot get the vacancies icon to work, then your profile is not fully complete.  You can double check this by doing the following:
Log Out and when you Log In, do you see an open form or your DASHBOARD? If you see an open form then you need to complete everything with an asterix (*) and save, publish and submit your profile. You will then be able to click on the Vacancies icon to view vacancies.   

17. - After login the page keeps looping back to login page

Are you using Chrome to access and if yes do you have auto save (which automatically populates your email and password) enabled. If yes then go to the top right hand corner of your devices screen and click on the three dot (menu), select Security, select password & forms and search for the address from this list. Click on X to remove the address.  Now reload the page and attempt to login again.