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Intreo Parnell Street builds connections with Dublin Port Visit

Intreo Parnell Street builds connections with Dublin Port Visit


Dublin Port Company recognises its role in the local communities with which it has strong connections.  One of the pillars of its Corporate Social Responsibility ethos is to improve the economic wellbeing of local people through to the generation of employment opportunities in the local economy.

In conjunction with the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protections’ Intreo Centre at Parnell Street an event was organised to give young Jobseekers (18-24 years) based in the local area exposure and insight into the range of job opportunities which can arise in an environment such as Dublin Port.

On Wednesday 6th February, group included current case-load clients as well as a group from our local Youthreach centre went by coach to the port.

On arrival at the Dublin Port Company offices, the group were greeted by our host and guide for the morning, Charlie Murphy, Manager of the Communications Department, and brought to the presentation room where refreshments were served.

The presentation and video covered a very informative overview of the running of the port as well the range of careers and jobs supported by the Port. These ranged from Pilot, Stevedore, Crane, Forklift, Coach and Car Driver, Shipwright, Security, Taxi, Catering, Maintenance, Ferry workers, Cruise Ships and many more.

An overview of the skills and qualifications needed for the more specialised careers was outlined.

The presentation was also made interesting for the group with the inclusion of practical examples e.g. the cornflakes and juice you had for your breakfast, most of the clothes you are wearing, your mobile phone, the coach we travelled in, as well as the fuel used by the coach arrived in Ireland through the port. Also, every new and used car imported for sale in Ireland (over 250,000 per year) would have come in via ferry and each one would require a worker at the port to drive it on and off the ferry.

Following the presentation by Charlie Murphy, Jim Hargis of St Andrew’s resource centre gave information on the Construction Skills course which is delivered on site in Dublin Port as well as a Marine Skills course which is under development.

The group then boarded the coach for the Dublin Port tour. The coach had permission to travel through areas restricted to the general public. Our guide gave a running commentary on all the areas of the port we travelled through included the companies and shipping firms based in Dublin Port, descriptions of the work taking place in the various areas and the workers in action before returning the group back to Intreo Parnell St.

The Employer Relations Team based in Intreo Parnell Street noted that feedback from the visiting group indicted that they all found the visit very informative as it provided the opportunity for them to identify new career opportunities they would like to pursue which they may not have previously been aware of.


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