Career Advice and Tips

Making a decision on your career?

Four things form the bedrock of a satisfactory career:

•  Interests  -   Identify work roles that are aligned to your interests
By identifying your interests, what you love doing, inside and outside of work, you can choose a career that you are passionate about.

•  Skills  -   Identify your current and potential development skills
There are four broad categories of skill types : people, data, ideas and things. When you have a clear understanding of the skills that motivate you, you should be able to target the career that you would love to have and the work you find most enjoyable and fulfilling.

•  Personality  -   Understand your unique qualities, traits and characteristics
Personality gives information about what you are inherently comfortable with, your natural preferences at a deep down unconscious level. Understanding your personality is important for your personal and professional development. For example, if you have a preference to be solitary then working as a sales assistant may not appeal to you.

•   Values  -   Identify your core values and beliefs
Values reflect deep and reaching aspects of you – things that you wouldn't give up even when faced with a difficult choice. For example, if you value harmony between work and personal life you might want to consider a career with set working patterns.

Evaluating these issues will give you the appreciation of your uniqueness, build on your self-knowledge and will give you the language to talk about yourself. This will empower you to make informed career decisions and to confidently take the next step in your career journey.


Some additional resources to help... is Ireland's National Career Guidance resource. It provides a range of up-to-date and relevant guidance material. is a partnership between the careers services of the universities, ITs and colleges across Ireland and Northern Ireland and their professional publishing partner, GTI Ireland.

Skills to Work is an Irish Government jobs campaign, aimed at making it easier for jobseekers and employers to know what Government skills initiatives are available to them.

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