Illuminata Media

In line with the range of DEASP’s employment support programmes, EURES Ireland is currently implementing ‘Experience Your Europe’ (EYE) programme under the Youth Guarantee Initiative.


Illuminata is a Dutch, next generation media company, specialising in online video, which is setting up a branch in Ireland in September. With the help of EURES Ireland, they wished to recruit 5 highly motivated trainees to undergo intensive training and then be placed in specific full-time roles in their Irish branch of the company.


Candidates from 18-24 years were selected from the live register for consideration.


Jennifer Feaster, Illuminata Media CEO says “The Eures team did a great job in selecting the candidates, preparing them for interviews and co-ordinating this whole process so quickly”


The five candidates finally selected after the interview stage travelled to Amsterdam, where they spent five weeks last summer in paid training with their sponsor. The hard work has been rewarded with three participants immediately landing fulltime jobs in the Dublin office and two more who will be offered positions after further training with the firm.


The reaction from the successful candidates has also been positive “We learnt so much from our training, with many speakers coming in from all different areas of the media,” said one trainee. Another colleague also praises her EYE experience – “I’m now YouTube certified. It’s a great addition to my CV to make it stand out and now I have a job I really like.”