Finlay Eco Fit, a retrofit insulation and general construction company is based in Tullamore, Co Offaly. The company provides an extensive range of insulation and building services throughout Ireland to residential homes and commercial premises ensuring that buildings are as energy efficient as possible.


Nine people are employed in the company, two personnel on the JobsPlus scheme and one on the Wage Subsidy Scheme (which is a DEASP scheme that provides financial incentives to employers who recruit staff members with a disability).


Damien Finlay is very pleased with his interactions with DEASP “We found it has worked well for our company, we simply would not have taken extra staff on if not for these schemes from a financial point of view. The employees are getting vast experience on the work we do, and socially have come out of their shells by having companions at work and a general feel good factor to having a steady job. I have recommended DEASP to other employers and would encourage what the Department is doing to continue”