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FAQ's for Employer EDIT

You must first register your company details. Registration is free. You can register on the JobsIreland.ie website, or by email at jobsireland@welfare.ie or by phone at 0818 111 112. Once your company is registered, you can place your advertisement on JobsIreland.ie.

You can advertise your job for free.

Yes. JobsIreland.ie advertises jobs for companies worldwide.

Yes. Log into your JobsIreland.ie account and select Settings to add new users or teams

No. The email address is a unique identifier of your company and can only be used once.

Job matching compares your job requirements to jobseeker profiles on jobsireland.ie. When you advertise a job, you have the option of switching on job matching. When you log into JobsIreland.ie, you will see the number of jobseekers who match your advertised job.

You can use the messaging function within JobsIreland.ie to contact a jobseeker who has applied to or was matched to your job. You can also use this option to contact jobseekers who have set their profile to Anonymous.

EURES is the European Employment Service and is a cooperation network formed by public employment services across the European Union. JobsIreland.ie, as the Irish public employment service website, is part of EURES and all paid jobs advertised on JobsIreland.ie also appear on the EURES jobs website.

You will find information on employment supports, training and Intreo services in the Employer Resources section of the Employer menu.

This appears if your business number cannot be verified automatically. You can continue to register and your company will be verified manually by JobsIreland.

There are a couple of reasons why this might happen:

  • The email from JobsIreland.ie has gone into the spam folder of your email account. Check your spam folder for a mail with the address: notification@jobsireland.ie.
  • The email was rejected by your company firewall or antivirus system. Check with your IT department to see if the message was rejected.

If you are unable to retrieve the message from your email system, please contact the JobsIreland.ie support team at jobsireland@welfare.ie or 0818 111 112 who will re-send the link.


All logos on JobsIreland.ie must be uploaded in a square format. If your logo is a different shape, please place it on a white square background before uploading the image.

When registering, you will be asked: ‘Is this business a Recruitment Agency?’. Answer ‘Yes’, and enter your agency licence number and expiry date. You can then advertise jobs on the JobsIreland.ie website in the usual way.

Type at least three letters into the field and a drop-down menu of options will appear. You can then click on the option you require.

Check the Employment Permits Section on the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment website to make sure you are considering the right process. In order to work in Ireland a non-EEA National, unless they are exempted, must hold a valid Employment Permit


Vacancies must be advertised on JobsIreland.ie (Irish Public Employment Services) for 28 days in order to be considered for employment permit purposes. Please check that all the details of your vacancy are correct before publishing to ensure that the vacancy is advertised for the required time.  Editing a vacancy on JobsIreland.ie will start the process again at day 1 and require the vacancy to be advertised for a further 28 days.

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