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Find out what’s going on with JobsIreland and the Intreo service including upcoming recruitment days, nationwide campaigns, training opportunities and other public employment services events.

Presentations and videos

What do we know about people returning to work (returners) and labour market needs? You can view or download all the following Career Pathway for Returner Event Presentations:

  • Dermot Coates, Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
    • Labour Market Development in Ireland
  • Joan McNaboe, Skills & Labour Market Research Unit - SOLAS
    • Untapped Potential: Women on home duties
  • Michelle Murphy, Accenture Ireland
    • Reach your potential - Growth Mindset & Grit Masterclass
  • Philip Sheridan, SOLAS Apprenticeships
    • Education and Retraining Options
  • Eoin O'Dwyer, Skillnet Ireland
    • Driving Ireland’s Competiveness Through Innovative Talent Development
  • Allyson Lambert, Tangent, Trinity Business School
    • PG Certificate in Creative Thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Ciara Garvan, WorkJuggle
    • The 'F' Word provides information and advice on a wide range of public and social services and on your entitlements as a citizen of Ireland. They gather information from various government departments and agencies, so that you have all the information you need about your rights and applying for State services.

Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS)

MABS provides detailed advice on managing your debts. It can advise you on your options during negotiations with creditors such as banks or mortgage providers, including repayment options. It can also give you information on what to do if you are behind on your rent.

National Journey Planner

The National Journey Planner gives you information to let you plan any journey in Ireland, including journeys on foot and by public transport.

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The aim of the Jobs Week  is to showcase the Intreo supports and services available to employers and jobseekers and to bring them together through a number of recruitment events, seminars, information sessions and workshops. During the week there is approximately 120 events bringing together an estimated 15,000 people to help them achieve their career goals. Most of these are open events but some require pre-registration. Some events are tailored to meet the needs of specific groups of jobseekers.