Training by Sector

Welcome to our New ‘Training by Sector’ Information Page.

Here you will find information on some of the current training on offer by sector.  Select a sector to view accredited and non-accredited training within that sector.   When you select a sector, a PDF document will open in a new window where you can view further details of courses on offer.  When you find the course you are interested in you can click the link to bring you straight to that training course.

Happy learning

If you are in receipt of a Jobseekers payment or the Covid Pandemic Unemployment Payment, you may also be eligible for funding for a paid course under a Training Support Grant (TSG).

If you are a participant on the Work Placement Experience Programme (WPEP), you are also eligible to participate in the WPEP QQI Work Experience Module which was developed by the Education & Training Boards in collaboration with the Department of Social Protection.  This module fulfils all of your accredited training requirements for the WPEP.  

Please contact your Employment Personal Advisor in your local Intreo Centre.

Agriculture training

Customer Service Training

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